On the Rise

It’s been quite a while since both of us here at Our Muchness Guide sat down and worked on a post highlighting new and emerging Irish Artists. We’ve picked something for as many tastes as we could cater for and we’re sharing them here with you. These are just a small selection of the newest, up and coming Irish artists we have found or that have been brought to our attention. It never hurts to check out new artists because one stream could make a world of difference to them and your taste in music. We’d of course like to thank the PR companies that have sent us information about some of these artists and we’re looking forward to finding so many more in the future.

So, grab a pair of earphones and check out our mash up of some of our favourite singles, albums and new artist finds from the past two weeks!

Avii Knight – ‘Love Bomb’

First up we have the debut single from Tullamore artist Avii Knight. ‘Love Bomb’ has been a real ear worm for us here at Our Muchness Guide since its release on October 14th with Emma having to put up with Niamh listening to it on repeat. She is our recommended One To Watch. 

Dylon Jack – ‘IDFC’

Dylon Jack is a singer songwriter from county Clare. His latest release and second release of the year  ‘IDFC’ came out on October 14th. With this catchy chorus and deja vu story filled verses, Dylon has truly unlocked a relatable ‘been there with you know who’ trip down memory lane for listeners. 

The Burma – ‘Sucker For The Stars’ Album 

Next up on our list is the debut album from Indie Rock band The Burma. The band is made up of Tony O’Donovan on vocals, Peter Piggott on Lead Guitar and Cian Doherty on drums. Our top song choices are the title track ‘Sucker For The Stars’ along with ‘Sleepers’ and ‘Into the Light’. The band are currently on tour to coincide with the album coming out with some tickets still available for the remaining dates in Dundalk, Cork and Limerick. 

Micko – ‘On The Low’

Micko is an all round musical talent. A rapper, singer and producer alongside being a songwriter and engineer, Micko new track ‘On The Low’ is all about living the quiet life. The track is a realistic look into Micko’s world without revealing too much at the same time (it’s exactly what Micko wants you to know and no more) and, with a catchy hook that will be stuck in your brain for days, it’s well worth a listen.

Paul McCann – ‘Lost In This Moment’

A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Cavan, Paul McCann is clearly inspired by life around him. ‘Lost In This Moment’ is power pop at its best and talks of being in love with love and romance. Featuring a guest appearance from Jason Faulkner(who’s played with Beck and Paul McCartney), ‘Lost In This Moment’ is four minutes of up-tempo, toe tapping pop brilliance. 

Sinead Ann – ‘Lemonzest’ 

Sinead Ann is an Irish-German folk artist whose style is mellow, ethereal and dreamy with unique vocals combined together by a very Irish musical lilt. ‘Lemonzest’ is about identity and naivety but, don’t let the cheery music fool you, ‘Lemonzest’ also tells the tale of Sinead’s efforts to learn to trust her instincts and is very much like the first taste of a lemon; bitter and sweet all at the same time. 

Rachel Grace – ‘Rough Patch’

We’ve mentioned Rachel Grace before and her new song ‘Rough Patch’. Rachel’s vocal ability alone would leave you speechless but her ability to capture and convey emotion through her music is stunning. She is a wise head on young shoulders and her single ‘Rough Patch’ is about the realization that a relationship isn’t just struggling it’s coming to an end.

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